Safeguarding Training Courses

Are you looking for a safeguarding children or adult training course?  No matter what your role or organisation, we are here to help.

Our wide range of training courses are expertly designed to support you in learning about all aspects of safeguarding.

Our training packages are easy to digest, as well as being flexible and proactive in using different training styles and methods such as blended learning, online and offline learning. We can provide tailor-made advice and training to give you the peace of mind that you are doing the right things to keep children and adults at risk of harm safe.

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Safeguarding Children and Adults

  • Safeguarding Children courses for Healthcare Providers levels 1 to 4 with the Royal College of General Nursing Inter-Collegiate document & Working Together to Safeguard Children & Young People Mandatory Government Guidance
  • Safeguarding Children Courses for Education Providers with Keeping Children Safe in Education & Working Together to Safeguard Children & Young People Mandatory Guidance
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education Awareness Courses (formerly levels 1 and 2)
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead Courses (formerly level 3)
  • Investigators Keeping Children Safe in Education (formerly level 4)

Safeguarding Adults

  • Safeguarding Children and Adults Courses for General Practitioners
  • Safeguarding Children and Adult Courses for Healthcare Providers levels 1-5 with the Royal College of General Nursing Inter-Collegiate Document
  • Duty of Candour Courses for Health Care Organisations
  • Awareness of Equality and Diversity and Dignity in Care courses
  • Chaperone Courses for Clinical & Non-clinical Organisations
  • Multi-Agency Safeguarding Children & Adult Courses
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults Courses for the Voluntary Sector
  • Safeguarding Supervision courses

Safeguarding Awareness

  • Safer Recruitment courses
  • Achieving Best Evidence Interview and Communication Skills Courses for Vulnerable, Intimidated and Significant victims and witnesses
  • Raising awareness, review and preparation of Safeguarding Children and Adults policies and Procedures for Social & Health care, Education & Voluntary Sectors
  •  Safeguarding courses for Board Members and Trustees
  • Prevent Duty courses

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